Hold the difference between R-point return and initial point return in G81!

In today's vocational training, we learned about the return point of the fixed cycle, where many mistakes were made in drilling.

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What is a drilling and fixing cycle?


The drilling cycle is a fixed cycle that simply specifies the hole position and drills the same hole.

Its format is as follows. The program is fanac.


First G: G98 (initial point return) G99 (R point return)

Second G: Hole processing mode (G81~89) In this case, G81 was used.

Z: Hole depth

R:R point

F: Feed speed

K: Keep K0.

As you can see in the image, point R is the point where the drilling shifts from fast forwarding to cutting feed.

Use initial point return and R-point return.

One of the teams that I conducted the exercise with used all initial point returns.

By using the G99 R-point return, the return point is closer, thus reducing machining time!The following is a list of the most common problems with the

Please refer to the program I have created in this issue, which uses R-point return!